Style your new home with the best finishes!

For many people, timber frame automatically means a wooden ships planking style of finish. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact the choice of finishes is enormous – from the traditional timber shiplap finish to Cement Handiplank, smooth or stipple plaster, loglap or even brick veneer.

This almost unlimited choice of finish is particularly useful when adding entensions to a house, as there is hardly an existing finish that cannot be matched precisely.



Viewing Decks, Leisure Suites, Spas
An exterior deck can provide the finishing touch to your home (and add greatly to its value), whether included in the original design or added later. Timbercraft are regularly called upon to build decks in various styles and finishes to existing homes, adding a new dimension to the lifestyle and comfort of the homeowner.

And while on the subject of adding to the quality of your lifestyle, there is probably no area where more is possible in a smaller space than in the bathroom area. The traditional smallest room can be converted into a stress-relieving haven for the homeowner and his family, while jacuzzis, saunas, steam rooms and gyms are becoming popular additions to the home that has everything.

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